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Welcome to Boofie's Bunker!  First off, thanks for showing interest in this junk! It's my very first game and I wanted to learn as much as possible on this project, so it is very much a full-sized game with many areas, game modes, extras, unlockables, cameos and crossovers!

Boofie's Bunker is a survival horror game about escaping a bunker that the protagonist was mysteriously transported to. The story is non-linear and is told through memories. Memories are unlocked after winning each difficulty of each level. More levels are unlocked by further investigating sounds or out-of-the-ordinary things inside the bunker. The game varies in difficulty, but gets very difficult in the end. Perseverance is definitely rewarding. You're in for a treat if you finish all difficulties of each level.


WASD = Movement

Mouse  = Look Around

F = Light Source

LMB = Interact

RMB = Drop Items / Secondary Interact

Q = Lean Left

E = Lean Right

Space Bar = Look Over Shoulder

Shift = Sprint


-If you see a radio, interact with it to listen to it.

-If you're confused about how an enemy works, the totems in each menu can help!

-If you want to reset your saved data, the droid in the main menu can do that for you.

-As a matter of fact, interact with everything. You never know what will happen!

Also, make sure you keep an eye and ear out EVERYWHERE for secrets. This is a very big game, but most of the game is hidden beneath the surface of the Bunker itself. Unlock new areas by finding them in-game to progress in the story! Be a completionist, there's something awesome waiting after you complete every mode and difficulty!

HUGE thanks to Dave Microwaves Games and Padre Snowmizzle for playtesting this game as much as they did. It definitely wouldn't have become what it has today without their wonderful feedback.


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Did both Bunky and Tunky made a cameo in this game?

Didnt realise until i was close to finishing the first play session but this game is big and definitely worth your time. I love one off silly horror games but what you have here is special. Im seriously looking forward to bingeing the bunker once i have some time to dedicate to it!

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Could you make a port of Boofie's Bunker for  Mac Device's? I play on Mac and I really wanna play Boofie's Bunker but the game is only on Windows so...Please make a port For Mac. (Mac mini specifically) 

the game keeps doing the same thing for me (it loads up perfectly then 2 minutes later the music stops working and the game crashes)... i have windows 8. so that might be the issue. but i'm not sure.

As it is their first game release, I expected the "cliche maze game" entry. However, this maze game has some meat on it's bones and has replayablity.

When Im trying to download the game it says somethings wrong but I dont know what 


There looks like theres so much to this! I'm raring to jump back in as I only tried it out on easy and didn't even see Boofie. Love the visuals and theres so much content to explore which is great. Everything was well explained through the radios (though I find myself skipping it sometimes if its too long haha). I'm not sure if I was just lucky with the keys but I'm guessing you have to get the corresponding coloured key for each gate, (maybe again cos it was on easy that didn't apply) but whichever one I grabbed each time it worked :D

Twas fun, nice work Jay!



Very entertaining, well-made game. Mechanics and instructions are well-explained and available. The various games are refreshing changes of pace from each other and are unique and enjoyable. 

Extreme mode in the bunker is extremely difficult, but not unfair in difficulty. 

I had some challenges with sprint on lower difficulty (like when you drop a key to sprint but have to fill your bar to 100% to sprint first, or if you're at 100% you have to crouch for a split second to be able to sprint) but this doesn't come into play on Extreme because you basically die if discovered. 

Lots of fun, looking forward to cleaning house on ol' Boofie! 


Praise The Boofie! 



There's a lot in this game, the gameplay mechanics seem to be well designed, I liked that you need to rest every once in a while and don't use the flashlight too much. I didn't complete the game yet, but I found the arcade, kitchen and dave the microwave, and at least I managed to complete the arcade secret game. I'll probably get back to try and complete the game and also to unlock some more secrets. It seems like there's a lot of those.

It is kind of mechanics-based game, kinda reminds me of FNAF type of game where various evils are doing different things and you have to take care of them. At least that feeling flew over me when listening to the radio for the MicroHorrorArcade game. Which is not really my cup of coffee, but I'm glad the main game only has focus on Boofie, cause it's really more than enough for me at the moment.

A few things I had a little problem with. Sometimes it's hard to tell which key I need to find, the lock seems white but then the white key doesn't work, also the red lock seems kinda yellow and that threw me off a bit too, maybe it's post processing messing with me. I also didn't really like that when I drop the key I never know where will it appear, sometimes it goes to the original position, sometimes it seems that is just vanishes from existence :D

Other than that, all this secret hunting gives me a feel that the game may or may not be oriented towards youtubers mostly, but the game has a ton of content in it and it seems well made as much as I've seen while playing it, of course the dev has played a million horror games already on youtube himself so yeah, he knows what he's doing.

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Thanks! I was actually thinking about having each door/matching key combo make a unique sound so you don't have to just rely on colors. The keys always respawn in a random position when you drop them. I'll go back into the game and do some more testing with this and make sure they aren't actually vanishing from existence lol. A few friends and I have tested this game to Hell and back and still keep finding little hiccups, so it isn't unlikely.

Also, you're sort of right. I didn't make it quite for YouTubers. My mindset was to make a game that I was craving. A game that I wanted to play, so I did! I just happened to have been a YouTuber for forever lol. The original idea of the game was to be an arcade-style challenge horror game with a mix of mechanics similar to the classics. Slender, FNAF, Granny, etc. so you're right there too! A lot of the guts of the game is inspired by harder short horror games like those.

Edit: OH! The key respawning in a random place thing was to avoid the player getting an idea to just hoard all keys by the exit. That defeats the whole purpose! They just respawn in any random spawnpoint they would've spawned in originally upon being dropped.

Thanks for the review! 


Had a blast trying out this game!  The style details and game itself is really great!  I managed to get scared quite a few time as well!  Definitely recommend playing this game.  

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

The game is great. But I kinda suck at it. Anyone got any tips for how to avoid boofie other then not being seen?

He can see pretty far, so before walking into hallways he may be coming down, try to peek around the corner with Q or E to see if he's coming. If so, then just go around the other way. Keep an ear out for squeaks and an eye out for the red glow he gives off. You got this!


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That's strange. Doors not opening all the way may have something to do with frame rate. I'll take a look at that and see what I can do.

Edit: The bug has been fixed in v1.0.2 - thanks for showing me this!


This is certainly a large game that takes time, loved it so far.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer