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i beated the game salmons challenge on the second try

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        Hey Micro Horror Arcade, If you ever feel uninspired to work on Boofie's Bunker v2.0, I just want to you to know that this is truely a masterpiece worth working on, this is honestly the best horror game I have ever played, It's full of character and saturation despite being dark, It's colourful and bright dispite being dull, It's full of that new developer-nes that is like new shoe smell of the game industy, I've never seen more thought put into a story than the games you create, I think this is one of the best horror games of all time and there are many of us willingly waiting for you to stand back up on your feet and pick this game back up, you are truely a gem among the intirety of What I'm trying to say is you are full of creativity, and we would all love to see that be brought to light within v2.0. Always remember that. :) - Levik677

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hey dude i just want to tell you boofies bunker v2.0 is actually out but its another game and the game is in the birthday bundle if you can by stuff on your computer you can go get it

oh no that was a spin off game for its anaversery


dude i feel the same iv been trying to get this youtuber to play it calld kreekcraft for 4-11 days

boof boof boof

dont forget boj boj boj (bojin)

my game wont say that i can start it

How Do You Unlock Zipper

You Have To Beat Every Difficulty In, The Bunker, Boofie's Kitchen, The Arcade Machine, Hedge Maze, And The Backrooms. It Will Unlock 2 Levels Called Ultimate And Chaos. Go To Chaos And Chose Any Map

he actually wants to know how to get the character ot a game mode

Zipper Is Only In Chaos Mode, That's The Only Way To Get Him, Unless You Cheat.

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if you beat ultimate mode go to the arcade and you will find him and then klick on him

download the app

I know this is stupid, but how do i install this game

click the download button and then press the no thanks take me to the downlad button and then press the other download button

When I first downloaded this game it ran fine, but later when I went looking for Easter eggs my game froze on a black screen. Now whenever I try to play the game it lets me play the Christmas Challenge the Valentine's Day Challenge and Elaine's Memoir, but not the main game. If somebody could give me some advice of what to do about this, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you!

I'm having troubles getting the game to work. when i try to open the game it says

LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.17+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line:233]
Result failed
D:\Build\++UE4+Release -4.17+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Viewport.cpp:289
with error E_FAIL

I've wanted to play this game for half a year now but I can't get the game to run. If this is a problem with my computer then ill be sad :(


dang i cant get it cus my comp is bad 


have you putted your graphics at low

How can I reconfigure controls?

My shift key is broken...

you cant

i carnt download it :(


the game when you just crave a heart attack !!!!



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espacially if your playing on extreme bunker

Micro, So I haven't downloaded the game because of how FREAKING hard it looks, Is there a explore mode where no bad guys can kill you and stuff?

no but there is a cheat code

is the random map portrait in chaos mode supposed to bring you to maps you haven't unlocked yet

Well I got some progress with the game, I can explore most of Artie's Memoir Easy First Level without it freezing up, I discovered DaveMicrowaveGames Secret Room but any movement after that closed out the game, I got one key but was unsuccessful taking it back to the door before it crashed again. Maybe tomorrow will be another day for progress.

Sorry to bother you but I'm having issues with this wonderful game, I downloaded it today after seeing it on youtube and couldn't really make it into the game, after a couple seconds of the intro for Artie's Memoir the game freezes up but if it makes it past the cutscene it again closes if I touch anything at all, clicking, WASD etc. I've seen one other person ask about a similar issue as I was wondering if anyone else had the solution already and hope that you could help get this beauty to run. I have a computer which can handle plenty of games and have reset it multiple times as well as deleted the save game files from the appdata, if there's nothing that can be done that's fine, I don't mind watching it on youtube. Thanks and CheeryBye!


Hey, so I was playing boofies bunker and when I opened the game up it started but it was really glitchy and it kept lagging. Then when I went to play Artys Memoir it was just a black screen and after a while of waiting for like 5 minutes I had decided to close the game, I reopened the file and it did the same thing. So I exited the game again but instead I tried the valentines day challenge it did open but it was lagging a lot, so I exited and did the Christmas challenge but it did the same thing. So I deleted the game and downloaded it again but it did the same thing. So I decided to restart my device because maybe my computer was just experiencing problems. But when I opened the game up again it did the same thing again. 

Any Idea on how to fix this kind of bug?

Not sure! Seems to be running fine on my end. Could be an issue with your save file in appdata or your PC's processing in general.

K thanks :)

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Hey so, you were right about my PC's  processing. Turn's out I just needed to reset my entire PC and it worked. Thank you so much. Your the best :D

Oh dang! I'm glad you got everything figured out!

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:D   :D    :D   :D


I open the rar folder and nothing is in but movies. Why?

unzip rar files with winrar

I use winrar and I unzip it but still, nothing.

It's definitely something on your end. I just downloaded and unzipped it fine with WinRAR. Everything is there.

Do I use "Extract Files" Or "Unzip Here"

I may have downloaded off of gamejolt but I'll try here.

My brother encountered a glitch where kitchen boofie got stuck and wouldn’t leave. Any idea why this happened?

I'm not sure! I haven't touched the project in a while and it was my first game. I wouldn't be surprised if a bug slipped through here and there. I'm sorry about that! What mode was it in?

it happened in both normal kitchen and hard kitchen 


I beat the extreme arcade! :D


dang bro gg






I made this



Sadly the game does not fit my monitor's size, and as such cuts off alto of the screen.
Otherwise, great game!

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hey when every I install boofies bunker I only get a text file I tried both

nv I had to rar opener

I found the most annoying bug in the history in the world. So in Chaos Mode, when you get caught, the game crashes. I try closing the game but it takes 2 minutes to do so, and IN that 2 minutes everything else on my computer is crazy laggy.

i have found a glitch in chaos mode when i put oui oui in the christmas level oui oui dont move but when he sees me he will chase me but whene he lost me he will return where he was and be lasy again

so.... it just says internet explorer, which does not work for opening it on my computer. every time i try it just flashes a tab on the screen and goes back, over and over

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In the Christmas challenge and the valentines challenge maps. Pressing spacebar still slows down gameplay. (Including if you go in those maps in Chaos mode)

does it do the same thing in the oder maps

Every time I open the game after about a minute, the game stops and closes by itself. I have reinstalled it five times and nothing. Is there any solution?

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Is it giving you any sort of error message?

Edit: I re-installed the game and the current version seems to be running fine on my end. Only thing I can possibly think of is the save data file being corrupted. Let me know if it gives you an error message and I may be able to help further.

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There is a text file it says ( Manifest_NonUFSFiles_Win64 )

And, it don't say any error message.

Not sure what the issue is. I'm unable to replicate it. It could possibly be a corrupted save data file? You could try going to "C:/Users/[YOU]/AppData/Local/" and deleting the "BoofiesBunker" folder. Just keep in mind, if you had any previous save data, this will delete it. I'd back it up in a different location before trying this. Just in case it doesn't work.

It Doesn't work 😥

I'm sorry! That's the only thing that I can think of possibly making this happen. Is there possibly another program on your PC that is shutting Boofie's Bunker down?

For some reason, every time I try to download the game, I get an error saying, rar: an entry cannot be decompressed (Boofie's Bunker v1.6.2/BoofiesBunker/Content/Paks/BoofiesBunker-WindowsNoEditor.pak).  How do I fix this so I can download and play the game?

Hmmm. I'm not sure. It seems to be unzipping and running fine for me. I use WinRAR to unzip the .rar file.

I had the same problem but getting a .rar opener fixed it

this game has chalenches insise

ill play both boofies bunker and doofies bunker


The Game is Cool


i cant load boofie's bunker

why not

Yeah, so when I tried to open Boofie's Bunker, I noticed that the game reset all of my progress and I also cannot get into Arty's Memoir without the game locking, resulting in me having to close the game. Is this a bug, and if it is, can you fix it in the next update?

I cannot replicate this issue. Sounds like something to do with the game trying to access your save file and failing to. Possibly a corrupt save file. Maybe find where the save file is stored on your PC and delete it. This will reset all of your progress, but it should fix the issue with the game locking up on you.

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Thanks. I'll look into that.

I just got it up and running. You were right. It was a corrupt save file. Thanks again!

what is the most exiting thing you want to do

mac version?

Deleted 51 days ago

He used Unreal, from where I'm standing

Hm. I think it's Unity... These games do have (kinda) Unreal like graphics. BUT to back this up i think there is some sort of splash screen BEFORE you can actually play the game, Which does not happen in Unreal.

no its made wth unreal engine and blender (for the models)

Lanky Lonky for Smash Ultimate

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