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Back when Dave Microwaves Games and I released our "Dave & Jay's Microwave Horror Arcade Bundle I" bundle, I promised that I'd create three parody horror games if our bundle reached a certain amount raised in the first week of release, and it did.

My first two parody games were "dP.T." and "Slendy Something..." - I now introduce my final parody game (probably ever): DO NOT PASS GO!

DO NOT PASS GO is a horror game parodying the board game of Monopoly. It's nothing like the actual board game. Your friends want to play Cursed Monopoly again and it's your job to survive the game and go on with your life. The objective is to collect 200 dollars and pass GO. If you can do this, then you win the game!

Good luck! This game was actually made in about four days as a sort-of therapy after working so hard on Boofie's Birthday Adventure, so it's pretty short!


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i am going to be honest this is my least favorite parody game that micro horror arcade made but it is still a awsome game

Keep working on these games Jay and never lose your passion. I really enjoy both your video content and video games you make. You matter and bring awesome art into this world. We support you!

This was fun to play

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Really creepy game !

A bit of rage and Press F to pay respects... Good Combination

Great Game, Challenged me so much.

I still don't know how people did it in 10 mins 

I gave this a go and it starts at 6:07


I had to give up because it was too terrifying and stressful lol. Almost made it to the end though! This game scared the crap out of me, I didn't even want to move at all. Great work! 

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Ran into a bit of a weird bug where my mouse stopped letting me look around, but had a fun time being put in jail and collecting some fat stacks.

*Looks like that was actually fixed in the most recent update


Gave it a Let's Play, I'm assuming I played the normal 1.0 and it was easy, as I now see there's Hard Mode and sprint / Spring bug fixes? Damn


Oh... the sound...

This is that example of "they took what was good and improved a lot". Amazing Game!


Who knew Monopoly could get even more cursed?!


Amazing game dev and challenging