v1.1 - Hard Mode Update

-Added Hard Mode where Money Bags kills you on the first capture, GoToJail spawns immediately, GoToJail steals 20 dollars from the player instead of 10 dollars and the player has to find 300 dollars instead of 200 dollars.

-Added a second ending.

-Added a small corridor on the right side of the map so the main hall isn't the only way between the front and back ends of the map.

-Reduced the time locked in jail by GoToJail in normal mode to 10 seconds instead of 15.

-Reduced the line of sight distance for GoToJail and Money Bags in normal mode by 25%.

-Changed the timing at which GoToJail drops the money he steals from the player when he catches them.

-Fixed an issue where GoToJail would continue his patrol if the player collided with him without him seeing the player.

-Fixed an issue where the static audiovisual effect would still appear when the player was caught by GoToJail even if the player had no dollars.

-Fixed an issue where if Money Bags caught the player while the they were in jail, they would be able to move upon respawning even if the bars were still down.


Do Not Pass Go v1.1.rar 739 MB
Jan 20, 2021


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