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You play as Little Billy, a kid who is staying with his Pappy over the summer and the man is crazy addicted to Dr. Pepper. So much so that he drinks himself into amnesia and forgets he has had any in the last 30+ years so he's constantly asking Billy to go fetch him some more from the store. Today, however, was different. Today, he asked Little Billy to get a case of Dr. Pepper from THE SHED. OooOOoo spooky. No really, the shed is crazy scary. Good luck, have fun. Gameplay is 30+ minutes depending on how much you explore.

There are two endings. One of which is pretty elusive. You'll have to big-brain think outside-of-the-box to figure it out.

This game is a parody of Dr. Pepper and Silent Hills P.T. I do not own either of these nor do I claim to.


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I approve of this content 👌👽

I would just like to say my first time actually screaming in a horror game has been taken from this game and I think its hilarious lol. Very Creative. 

so you removed the game just because you hate it

Hey Micro Horror Arcade why did you delete dP.T?

i am asking my self the same question

pls help me i cant find the download button

I removed the game about two months ago. See dev log.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

oh sorry to inturrup

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I appreciate phobias as the rest of everyone but trypophobia is cheap and is trigger for some, as I am. It's not a fear but more of a seizure for some of us. Great game overall but please, respect people who have true triggers of holes on the human skin. It gives me extreme anxiety and heart palpitations. It's not the fun I would have playing a horror game. I shake in bed for hours thinking of it. I know some people think it's just gross and a good add. But thank you for listening if you do <3

Thanks for bringing this up! I've actually completely despised this game even during the creation process. I cringe every time I see someone play it and overall it's my worst work. Currently I feel like it's been reflecting what I create and that's not cool! I never try to feature one certain fear in my games, and usually just go for shock value or randomness along with other things to really scare folks. I didn't spend enough time on the project during development and was just so ready to have it done and released that I didn't care to really put much effort into it in the end. SO! It's taken down for good. Not because of you, but just because I'm not proud of it at all and I'm way better than dP.T. - But yeah! Sorry about any issues I may have caused.

Hey i didn't expect a reply but thanks for reading! The game is as good as PT and Markiplier also liked it so don't let that discourage you man. I truly look forward to the content you put out next!

Oh, I'm not discouraged at all! It's legit just a bad game. Thanks for the kind words.

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You also made that horror game trio as well! Holy shit i didnt realize. Those are very wholesome. I'll be streaming that this week

Deleted 1 year ago

The creator removed the game

Hey! I don't know if you read comments but I was wondering how you created that art style? I've been trying to figure out how to make a game that looks like imscared but is still in 3D, and this is the closest game I've found to what I was thinking. Any and all pointers would be much appreciated!

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Hey Micro Horror Arcade!

i was going to play dP.T. in my windows 10

when this message appeared "fatal error"

how can i solve it?

Thanks Henry

I had a blast playing your game!

I love the soundtrack, the character design it's great!

There are multiple endins apparaently (I only got the bad one) wich is nice for playing the game one more time!

There are a lot of good jump scare situations too and if it got me it means it's good!! Good Job!!

I've made a video too.. yeah self promotion at it's best!!

Gave it a go...

it's werid that this game gave me the most jumpscares but anyway well done jay! 

This was so weird. Great job!

That truly was a nightmare.

played your game for a video, hope you enjoy :D

I really like the game concept, sometimes it's better taking a look at these silly ideas. Also the jump scare got me a few times :)

Fun little game!!

First game I have played by you and I loved it!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Liked that game a lot! One of the best P.T. style games I've ever played. Well done and keep up the good work!



I never got the chance to beat it because of the red abyss. But man was this game awesome and scary. Well done.


Here's the Good ending for anyone looking to see what it is without having to replay the game.

Again, very well done Jay, thanks for sharing this chilling experience with us! 


I watched Markiplier playing your trilogy of games. Your games are always something out of this planet with weird things all over the place. Congratulations, you deserve my 5 stars on this one.

~~Cyber Princess~~

Thank you! :D

You're welcome. I'm a huge Markiplier fan and since he likes your games, I love them too :D

how to get the game   dpt plz

on itch io

how do u download this gamw 


Who knew Dr Pepper could be so spooky!


Hi mate =) .Actually it was a great game especially graphics and environments but I dont you should decrease playing time .After 10-15 min later game starts to repeating too much expect that it was a great game =)


I can definitely see the monotony. I have future plans to create more variations of rooms that way each playthrough will be different. Stay tuned!

i did't finish the game on cam since i scream alot and it might make some of my viewers annoyed so i just end the video where im stuck on getting jumpscares and shizz HHAHAH i did finish the game and i became a slave to my grandpapy so im basically stuck on an infinite loop of delivering dr pepper XD 

Aside from that a pretty good game i love it and all the jumpscares it gave me 


I love everything that MicroHorrorArcade puts out, even thoughit makes me scream like a little girl.

This was a really fun to play horror game!  I've always enjoyed the pt games and to see someone make dr pepper version for it was a definite must play for me!  


Fun little game with enjoyable atmosphere and puzzles!  If you like PT style  games or DR Pepper or both, give it a whirl! Also, I personally think I look like Pappy with a shorter beard, so that's awesome! 

Didn’t realize I could pick up that flashlight. Would’ve made things a whole lot easier on me hahaha. But I still really enjoyed it. Gonna attempt to find that secret ending soon 

can u plz make a version of ur games for mac. They look really good but i can't play them

Another masterpiece! I wish I was smarter and didn't accidentally shoot the gun lol but I really enjoyed this! Great work! 

Really fantastic!Had a lot of fun, and was honestly scared multiple times. I had a couple suggestions throughout the video, but all in all it's great! Thank you for sharing your art Jay! 


Dev I really appreciate you for this game awesome game. I gave it 5/5 and once again thanks :)


My gameplay, although I now regret having played the 1.0 version knowing all those quality of life improvements came not too long after.


Sorry about that, dude. I can honestly say I regret releasing the game at v1.0 - I hope you still enjoyed the game, regardless.

Wasnt horrible lol

Haha thanks xD

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Can you add graphics settings? I was looking forward to playing this game but my computer makes it slow. I hope you see this comment.

I'll add that in the next update. Should be going up tonight at some point.