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MicroHorrorArcade Trilogy I - Andy's Story is an anthology series about a guy named Andy who finds himself in some interesting situations. Basic descriptions of the three games and their stories lie below. If you want to uncover some story for yourself, feel free to skip this next part.

Lanky Lonky:

You play as a temp named Andy who works at a random office supply company. One day while on your way to work, your boss calls you and tasks you with going to the storage basement of the building and gathering some supplies for the office. You agree. Little do you know, there are nightmares in the depths of the basement.

Escape the Poo Poo House:

You play as a doomed soul called Andy. Make your way through the passages inside the Poo Poo House while avoiding the Poopoomen in an effort to escape this endless term of torment.

Dangle Dongle Farm:

You play as a brand new undead human, fresh from the grave, named Andy. Poke around through the corn maze in Farmer Dangle and Farmer Dongle's farm and try to find a way back into the real world. There are wonderful things to discover inside this magical farm. But seriously, get out while you have the chance.


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Lanky Lonky v1.0.6.rar 196 MB
Escape the Poo Poo House v1.0.3.rar 175 MB
Dangle Dongle Farm v1.0.10.rar 260 MB

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I speed ran Lanky Lonky and my time was 2 minutes and 30 seconds :D

wish you filmed it

I could have :/

its not a problem


damn it my bad internet I couldn't get to the free download in time XD oh well

I there a way to change the screen resolution? Because most of the game seems to be cut off my scree


I didn't even get more than 2-3 seconds into the game before a jump scare with ear rape. fair warning for those who think about downloading because it looks funny... it's not. it's just an ear rape/jump scare simulator.

Deleted 353 days ago

That's called the logo

Deleted 354 days ago

hey dude nice boofies bunker challenge congradulation for being the first one to complete it


Gonna have to say, my favorite game in this bundle is Lanky Lonky :D

Great way to kick off Jagger's itch.io adventure!

mine is dangle dongle farm


umm well it would be nice if we could download each game separately i hate paying money for games where you play them once and then... nothing and i don't exactly... well actuly im the only person on this planet who's a bitch and can only buy things once a fricken year because of reasons so just it would be nice to buy them seperately because i like dongle farm but the other two games are WAY to hard

Well they're free right now until Nov 3rd, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!!!!

I'm not sure if I am the only one having this issue, but I currently have the 'updated' version of Dangle Dongle Farm and the issue I am currently having is when I hit space to look behind me, it stays stuck looking behind.


Whoops! Not sure how that bug when so long without being reported... Thanks! I'll get an update up to fix it tonight!

hey no prob Jay!


my name is andy and this is an accurate portrayal of my fri/sat/sun

Is Dangle the one with the red eyes and mouth and Dongle the one with the blue eyes and mouth or is it the other way around?

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Dangle is the one with green mouth and eyes. Dongle has the purple/blue eyes and mouth. I'm not sure where you got red from.

(1 edit)

Probably because I have red-green colorblindness. I tend to confuse certain shades of green with shades of orange or red.

Oh ok, That makes sense.

Hey, first of all I wanna say that I absolutely LOVE the sort of humorous surreal horror you guys put into these games. It's hilarious, unsettling, and REALLY friggin visually cool all at once. The reason that I haven't purchased any of your games myself is that, unfortunately, I use a Mac :P

I did watch Markiplier's playthrough of this pack a while ago (enough to see that your games are Exactly My Thing), but one thing that especially caught my interest is the music in the menu screen of Lanky Lonky. I'm sort of curious as to how you made that not just because I have a program on my itch.io page that produces similar results :P


REAPER & Audacity


I return with another piece of Fan Art for you, I put some extra effort into this piece for you! I know that Lanky Lonky hides out in one of the places in DDF as a little cameo, so I decided to add him into this piece too! 
Hope you enjoy it Micro! Have an awesome day!


Nice! I love these lol. Very cool!


Thank you and it makes me very happy that you enjoy these, I enjoy making them for you! I had lots of fun with this piece lol, especially with putting Lanky on Dongle's (i believe that's the name of the purple Farmer-) pitchfork!

More is to come buddy :]

Hey, so I've been reposting all art of my games on my Twitter. If you have an @ on there, let me know and I can tag you over there. Just been giving you credit as "DarkMoon on itchio"


first of all you are an amazing drawer second of all LANKY LONKY AND DONGLE ARE FRIENDS

a noodle and a farmer, best buds lmao


and will you ever make a boofies bunker fan art some day pls

In Lanky lonky, I encountered a bug where I press on the artifact that's next in the list, But the artifact wouldn't get picked up and it just enraged Lanky lonky. Which makes the rest of the run impossible since I can't pick it up.

I don't know what enables this bug, So here's (Hopefully) helpful info about that bug.

Artifact: Burning flesh

Spawn: Boofie table

Found it. Fixed it. Update should be up soon. Thanks!

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Lanky Lonky. The bestest boi within this trilogy
I don't care how hard it is, its still an awesome game with a lovable, adorable, 2 faced demon noodle (or whatever he is-)
I love this boy and his orange brother that tends to pop up in a box here and  there, I love this game! Keep up the good work Micro!

To show how much I love Lanky Lonky and all his noodle charm I drew him with a giant bow tie-


I absolutely love this. Like, a lot.


You are most welcome buddy! Glad I could make your day/night


and hey! You can expect more to come! Heck I might even try to draw the other fellas for ya too! Don’t stop being awesome!


lanky lonky looks really cute


he is adorable, ngl there


Quite literally the most bizarre game I have ever played.  


Just an idea be can there be an optional failure counter in EtPPH and LL? It would be nice to see how many times I have been defeated by the Poo Poo Men.

Tbh, I've thought about doing something like this. If I did, it'd be implemented in a future game. Don't worry, all of my games will be a challenge like these. :P

(2 edits) (+1)

If I helped find one issue, I’ll help you with 2 more. 

1. In Lanky lonky, I can get on one of the chairs and get on top of the cubicle, This can stop LL from catching me.

2. Regarding the chair thing, If I try to walk down the chair instead of jumping off the cubicle I will get stuck between the chair and the cubicle.

Thanks! Just fixed all that stuff. Shouldn't be able to walk onto any of the chairs or tables in that room now. Patch coming soon.


(5 edits) (+1)

I noticed something in DDF that's not a bug, But something that went unnoticed. If you put shadows to "low" in settings, Then the intro of the game looks like this. Nobody has found it yet because their computers allow them to use high graphics.

(1 edit)

Oh shit! Good find, dude! Gonna roll a fix out for that tonight, lol.

Edit: Patched! Thanks again for pointing that out! :D


You're welcome!


I am enjoying this game so far! Every game is amazing and unique! I like Dangle Dongle farm most, but every other game is great! Even tho I did not beat any of this games yet, I really want to. Good job!!! 

Thanks for playing! :D


This trilogy is well worth the price! It's a great set of games, all with multiple endings which I still need to get.

Lanky Lonky was my favorite of the trilogy and the entire 6-game bundle. It's interesting, challenging, and clever with humor and some good scares thrown in.

Poo Poo House was funny and not too hard but it kept you moving and that was fun. I still have further to go in it.

Dangle Dongle Farm had some bugs when I played but they've since been fixed. MicroHorror is really fast at fixes. There's a lot going on in the game and it seems really difficult at first with the maze and the multitude of characters chasing you, but once you play a bit it's doable and pretty fun.

Here's a link to the playlist of the bundle if you want to check out any of the gameplay. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi8FfxRGP7bnME7Jo1c3Lay-QiGgdNM9P

good chaos is that you


Itsa me! GK!

wow nice 2 meet you and i got a boofies bunker challenge for your next video of boofies bunker


Nice! I look forward to playing it...or should I dread playing it? LOL

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let me tell you my challenge 1 extreme bojin 3 normal boofies 1 tinrea 3 oui oui 1 blitz 3 zipper 2 boofie plush 2 delete data droid 1 hard kinetic image in the christmas level on fever dream mode but remember you can only play it in your new video of boofies bunker it is called bloody christmas

hey i am am not being rude but whene is my challenge coming its been a while and itchio is the only place that i know that i can talk to you