Bug Fixes to All 3 Games! [EtPPHv1.0.2 - LLv1.0.4 - DDFv1.0.8]

-Fixed an issue where the player could shrink themselves by holding down the spacebar when entering a map, then releasing it once they were inside.
-Fixed an issue in any menu where the player could press ESC and it'd close the game.
-Fixed an issue where the menus would not display properly if the game was being played on a monitor with a non-standard resolution. I still definitely recommend playing with a standard resolution.

Dangle Dongle Farm:

-Fixed an issue where the player could crouch and go beneath the tractor.
-Fixed an issue where the farmers could see the player through the barn door.


Escape the Poo Poo House v1.0.2.rar 175 MB
Mar 22, 2020
Dangle Dongle Farm v1.0.8.rar 260 MB
Mar 22, 2020
Lanky Lonky v1.0.4.rar 196 MB
Mar 22, 2020

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